emmiSKIN is dedicated to serving the beauty, physical and emotional needs of women over 40 as they mature and age. Emmi, founder & CEO, believes as women get older they don’t have to LOOK older. Emmi is a former Guess® Model & Founder of the Beauty Research Institute, and the Chief Designer of the exclusive Apex Extract™ Technology, developed in conjunction with Advanced Estheticians, Plastic Surgeons and Anti-Aging Doctors. Emmi is a women’s advocate and trail blazer in the anti-aging and new generational skincare movement.

Emmi and her team are devoted to bringing their exclusive WORLD-CLASS products that were formerly only available to Models, Hollywood Celebrities and the wealthy elite – to all women over 40 who want to erase 10 years or more from their appearance – and LOOK and FEEL their best.

emmiSKIN is REVOLUTIONIZING the skincare industry with innovative products and a fresh approach to conquering the aging process, allowing women to live a healthy lifestyle and age CONFIDENTLY AND BEAUTIFULLY.