Get answers to the most common questions about emmiSKIN products and services. If you still have questions after reviewing the list of FAQ’s, send us a message at help@emmiSKIN.com


Can I use emmiSKIN if I am on prescription medication?

Yes! All ingredients in emmiSKIN products are natural and revitalizing to your skin.

What if I have extremely sensitive skin?

All emmiSKIN ingredients are natural, fragrance free and safe for ALL skin types.

Do emmiSKIN products have a smell or fragrance to them?

No. At emmiSKIN, we took into account that some people do not care for strong fragrances in their skincare products. We worked hard to create products that are fragrance free.

Will emmiSKIN products help reduce the appearance of blotchy skin and fine lines/wrinkles?

Yes! Throughout our product testing, we had a variety of women try out the products. All reported reductions in fine lines and wrinkles. Many reported the reduction of red, blotchy skin as well.

Who is Emmi?

Emmi is our founder and hands-on CEO. She has been involved in the beauty business for 30+ years. Helping women achieve their best self has been her passion, and she works tirelessly to offer the latest research and development in the skincare industry. She uses the products daily, and her beauty is an example of what these products can do for you!

Why are emmiSKIN products better than other brands?

emmiSKIN uses only the very best anti-aging ingredients from all over the world, from Rose Hip Seed flown in from the most delicate Rose Bushes in Chilé, to the highest grade of hyaluronic acid available without a prescription. Adding our exclusive Apex Extract Process to our formulation means fast and amazing results.

How often does emmiSKIN introduce new products?

At emmiSKIN, we are continuously researching and developing new products. New products are launched several times a year.

Where are emmiSKIN products made?

All products are proudly made here in the USA.

Do you stand behind your products?

At emmiSKIN, we are passionate about the amazing products we offer. We stand behind our products, and offer a guarantee on all of them.

Are emmiSKIN products tested on animals?

emmiSKIN cares about animals and our environment. We do not test products on animals, and our containers are all recyclable.

Can emmiSKIN be used if I have hormonal acne?

Adult and Hormonal Acne is one of the reasons emmiSKIN was formulated. Because Emmi herself suffered from this very issue. Thanks to our products being 100% fragrance free, and thanks to our exclusive Apex Extract Process, emmiSKIN is perfect for anyone suffering from Adult or Hormonal Acne.