The Pro-Age Revolution is picking up steam, and emmiSKIN is leading the way and carrying the torch for ALL Women. With the purpose of FREEING women from the pressure of perfection and the traditional concept of beauty, emmiSKIN encourages women to live a healthy lifestyle and be proud of their age.

Society has placed impossible beauty rules on women and aging, and we’re tired of feeling like we’re not quite pretty enough or we don’t have the perfect dress size or being told we’re the wrong race or the wrong gender or the wrong age.

We believe it’s time to RESET the Beauty Rules, and we’ve made it our mission to take back our cultural standards and make them OURS, one woman at a time. We know that begins with raising our self-image and our personal truth, our standards of worth, and honoring our deepest selves about what it really means to be beautiful – no matter our age.

Join us in the Revolution and let’s age proudly, beautifully and confidently together!