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Emmi Morgan – as the Founder and President of a chain of schools in the Central Ohio area – became very intimate with the daily struggles of teachers. Teachers have a very important job. They are the educators of our future generations. They shape the minds of the children that will one day change the world. In a sense, they build our future. It is in their hands, all in the classroom. Teachers have a major effect on our children, so why are they underpaid and under-appreciated?

emmiSKIN Educators, Ground Floor Opportunity, Earn Extra Income, Teacher

1. Most teachers don’t have all of their classroom materials and resources available
to them and bought by the school or the district.

Teachers use their own money and their own resources to stock their classrooms and make it a positive environment for facilitating learning. Often, the district does not have adequate funding to provide sufficient materials to teachers. A recent study found that teachers spend an average of $585 on resources for their classroom, which includes supplies and instruction materials. And many of those surveyed noted that they spent $1,000 or more on making their classroom the best learning environment for their students.

emmiSKIN Educators, Ground Floor Opportunity, Earn Extra Income, Overworked Teacher

2. In addition to donating their own money for the benefit of education,
teachers donate hours of their time outside of classroom time.

This extra time is used for all kinds of lesson preparation and writing lesson plans, as well as meeting with students and parents, plus many other responsibilities. When class lets out, the day isn’t over for teachers! There are still stacks of essays to grade and tomorrow’s material to prepare. Teachers take their work home with them. There are a lot of responsibilities, but they care for their students and so they get it done.

In a nutshell – educators are arguably the most underpaid and under-appreciated group of people in America! Something needed to change this!

I looked at everything from franchises to turning a hobby into a business to tutoring, etc., then, one day last Summer, someone suggested that I check out some Direct Selling Beauty Companies. I found that there are many companies I could join, but I would have been rep number four million – too competitive; too oversaturated; requires too many hours and too hard to make any money.

Then Emmi Morgan, a highly successful businesswoman, came to me with an idea. For years, she had owned a chain of private schools in Central Ohio. She, like me, loves education and educators. She shared her idea of creating a company that provided extra income, freedom and the time to do the things I enjoy. She asked me if I thought other educators would be suited for this type of business.

I told her – “I guarantee educators would jump at this mission to empower women financially & help them enhance their beauty with good-for-you products!”

MJ Morgan, emmiSKIN Educators, Ground Floor Opportunity, Earn Extra Income

She then formulated a line of skincare products, along with several top medical professionals from around the country, and organized a professional executive team, and founded emmiSKIN, the world’s first skincare business opportunity specializing in teachers and educators, and the next billion dollar skincare company.



emmiSKIN Educators, Ground Floor Opportunity, Earn Extra Income, Social Media

She and her team chose a social sharing model, an easier, less time consuming form of network marketing, to introduce these amazing skin-changing products to the marketplace.

Under 1,000 consultants still! TRUE GROUND FLOOR! That’s the difference between emmiSKIN and every other network marketing company. It’s at the Ground Floor of these types of companies that people have the most success and gain the most freedom! emmiSKIN is still at Ground Floor, under 1,000 Consultants, many of whom are educators just like you!

emmiSKIN Educators, Ground Floor Opportunity, Earn Extra Income, Share

My personal goal is to share this GROUND FLOOR SECRET with as many of my colleagues around the country, as I can – because educators are smart, and because most are overworked and underpaid (I know that firsthand! LOL) and I know emmiSKIN has their solution. We want educators like you to be at the top of this company!

I’m only working part-time at emmiSKIN while pursuing my chosen career and within one year, my part-time income will exceed my fulltime income as a Principal! My first check was over $2000!

I want this for you too! Message me and let’s talk about how I can help you make your skin more beautiful and take several years off as well and earn a little extra income…OR A LOT!!!

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Here’s one of my before/after pics showing my amazing results from the products.

Michelle Seitz
Before/After Clinical Results after 9 Days
Products Used: emmiSKIN Overnight Facelift Collection

I’ll talk to you soon…

P.S. I look forward to you being a part of the emmiSKIN Sisterhood!