Emmi Morgan, emmiSKIN FounderTransform your skin! Empower your life! At emmiSKIN, we empower women to reach their goals, live their dreams and inspire others to do the same.

emmiSKIN was founded by our caring, energetic, visionary CEO, Emmi Morgan. Emmi was born in a small town in Ohio with wholesome midwestern values and big dreams like many others born in similar circumstances.

It’s been a long road for Emmi, both personally and professionally, and she’s conquered many challenges. A survivor and overcomer, Emmi has beaten near bankruptcy; battled weight problems; (personally losing 60 pounds) she cured a personal severe adult hormonal acne condition she had suffered with for years; and she survived the near death of her husband, all while displaying unusual courage and faith.

Through it all, and thanks to a strong faith in God, family and hard work, Emmi has come out on top and was able to achieve her dreams, proving that women can have it all! She built a multi-million-dollar business; started and sold several other successful businesses; rose to the top of several direct sales companies; was a professional model; has been happily married for 29 years; has a step-daughter; and has changed the lives of thousands of children through her chain of private schools and her philanthropy of championing women and children. Emmi lives by her personal creed of “paying it forward” and “giving till it hurts,” and she has done just that. Now Emmi’s dream is to help women of all ages live their dreams and prove they too can have it all…THEIR WAY!

emmiSKIN is founded on the belief that every woman wants to be loved, empowered and should have the opportunity to belong to a sisterhood of supportive females. We also have a passion to help women reach their goals, whether that goal is to have a fun, high-earning career, have time to travel, become debt free, improve relationships or just enjoy life.

Emmi Morgan attended the Ohio University to follow her dream of becoming a theater and TV actor, but she gave it up and returned to sales work, a talent she learned from her Dad growing up. She mastered the art of selling in her early twenties. Over the years, Emmi started and managed several successful companies as she developed her own “secret sauce theory” of marketing and sales, which included offering more recognition and sales incentives to her customers as well as her sales teams.

Soon she became known as “The Gift Giver” due to the great rewards she offered to her employees and customers. Emmi was smart and hardworking, but she recognized that women sometimes don’t get the respect in the workplace they deserve, therefore, slowing down their reward and advancement. Tired of the status quo, Emmi decided it was time to shatter the glass ceiling and disrupt the direct selling industry and with the support of modern technology, she’s giving women the great respect and unlimited opportunities they deserve.

Already the founder of the Beauty Research Institute, in 2014, Morgan founded emmiSKIN, (her childhood nickname) which consists of 7 amazing skin care products formulated with the help of Estheticians, Anti-Aging Doctors and other Medical Professionals.

emmiSKIN products were initially developed to help Emmi find a solution to her adult hormonal acne and dark circles under her eyes along with her husband’s rosacea. The products worked visible miracles and soon she was inundated with requests for her products from family and friends.

Emmi was determined to offer career opportunities in her company to any woman who had the attitude, energy and passion required to simply refer emmiSKIN products to their family, friends and acquaintances. Before long she had a growing team of female skin care consultants who were eager to reach their goals and prove themselves.


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